Lift off with Astro

Every few years, I make it a point to assess the technology stack powering this blog. I started with Octopress back in 2014, then transitioned to Hugo in 2017. Although Hugo has served the site well, there has always been a gap between my expertise (primarily in JavaScript) and the underlying technology of Hugo (Go). Consequently, I was cautious about making substantial changes to the site, sticking mostly to basic styling adjustments.

Recently, I came across positive reviews about Astro. Built with node.js, its technologies resonated with me: JSX, components, scoped styles—these are all tools I’m very familiar with. Encouraged by this, I took the plunge and migrated the site from Hugo to Astro.

The migration went remarkably smoothly, with just a couple of hiccups, which I’ll discuss in a separate post. Now, the site is up and running on Astro, and I feel confident about keeping it up to date. Who knows, I might even find the time to blog more regularly!